Five thousand years ago, a wise man named Cang Jie, a figure from ancient Chinese legends, created the Chinese characters that have since kept the splendid Chinese culture alive and flourishing for thousands of years. This great act of creation moved the heavens so much that numerous grains rained down over the land of China, hence a solar term called “Gu Yu” (literally meaning grain rain), one of the twenty four solar terms of the Chinese lunar calendar. In the 21st century, the day of “Gu Yu” has been designated to be the international “Chinese Language Day” which is increasingly coming to be seen as a cultural brand that showcases the beauty and charm of the Chinese language and cultural diversity. To make this brand even more appealing, we are calling for entries of logo design for the International Chinese Language Day from artists and design professionals as well as those who appreciate Chinese culture from all over the world. We would like to invite you to share your stories and experiences of the Chinese language with your artistic expression.


Logo Design for International Chinese Language Day


Design the logo for the International Chinese Language Day to demonstrate the unique charm of Chinese characters and the language itself, to share stories about Chinese culture and China’s interactions with other civilizations.

1. The image of the logo (source file + PNG image),
2. A design plan that contains the ideas and interpretation of the design in PPT or PDF format,
3. A short video of about 2 to 4 minutes in which you are to appear in person to describe the ideas of your design, your creative process, and your own interpretation of the work. The recommended formats for the video are MPEG, MP4, and AVI.
4. Other relevant files such as photos of design sketches and of artist at work. The format should be JPG with precision of 150 dpi and above.
Call for entries

20 April – 20 November, 2022

Judging period

20 November – 20 December, 2022

Exhibition period

April, 2023

The winner 1 person

20,000-RMB cash prize with an
e-certificate of the prize

The shortlisted 10 people

2,000-RMB cash prize per person with an
e-certificate of the prize

The longlisted Top 30%

E-certificate of the prize

* The above-mentioned cash awards are pre-tax.

Articulation of the work

The work addresses the theme and objective of the activity and eloquently expresses the ideas of the author.

Cultural value of the work

The work manifests the embedded cultural value and highlights the International Chinese Language Day.

Innovativeness of the work

The work is original, innovative, and pioneering.

Integrity of the work

The work is an organic whole with sound structural logic and is packaged with a short video of presentation and other complimentary material pertaining to the creation of the work that may be adapted into products of various other forms.

1. Claim of originality: It is understood that the submitted work is the original work of the submitter, and the submitted work or any material used to create the submitted work does not infringe any legal rights and interests of any third party such as patent right, copyright, trademark right or any other intellectual property rights. The submitted work has never been published in newspapers, magazines, websites or any other media or registered for copyright. Nor has it been disclosed, published, or used in any form before this call for entries ends and the notice is given that the submitted work fails to win a prize of any category. Otherwise, the organiser of this activity will disqualify the candidate that has breached the rules from taking part in this activity, recover the cash prize in case that the said candidate is winner of such prize, and in the meantime reserve the right to take legal action against the act of breach.
2. It is understood that all candidates agree that the intellectual property rights of the works specifically created for this activity, whether submitted or not, or having been accepted for awards of any category, as well as any original material related to the creation of the works belong to the organiser, and that neither the authors nor any other individuals or institutions are allowed to display, publicize, transfer, reproduce, or recreate their works in any form without the organiser’s authorization, especially the works specifically created for this activity but not submitted.
3. It is understood that all candidates agree to the provisions of this activity, and that they shall promise to comply with the relevant Chinese laws and regulations, whether during or after the activity, otherwise they will be held accountable against the relevant laws and regulations.
4. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to the Centre for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) under the Ministry of Education of China.

Contact person: Mr. Zhao
Tel: 86-10-59307583

Organiser: Centre for Language Education and Cooperation
Co-organiser: Wuzhou Chinese Education Technology Company