Smart Tree: Future Life in a Vertical Community

"The Next Architecture" Award (Episode I)
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On one hand, our planet has undergone unpredictable changes in climate. On the other hand, digital technology cored with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things has changed our lives dramatically. “Vertical Intelligent Community” embodies an understanding and response to ongoing phenomena and life expectancy in densely populated cities in Asia. Its features include vertical mixture, vertical ecology, systematic connectivity, live mechanisms, and energetic balance. To achieve fuller vitality, it is required to generate more mobility, extension, abundance, and wisdom in the areas of communications, entertainment, commerce, R&D, healthcare, and public services. At the same time, the development and construction of this project will advance integration of new technology industries, representing intelligence, informatization and clean energy, architectural design, and the general management of community systems.


International Green Building Alliance

Southeast University

Nanjing Yangtze River Urban Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

The Third Construction Co.,Ltd. of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau

Nanjing International Healthcare Area Development & Construction Co., Ltd.

Fondazione EMGdotART

Jury Committee