How to deliver the design

(a) How to deliver
1) Participants should log on to the official website of the competition - Aki (www.aki.com.cn/natuzzi), and click on "register" to fill in detailed personal info. The registration for the competition is free of charge, and design works can be delivered by clicking "deliver design" after successful registration. Note: design works can only be delivered after successful registration.
2) This competition only accepts design works delivered online, any designs delivered via mail service or in hard copies will be declined.
3) Participants who successfully go into the final competition stage will be informed to prepair display boards, with specific dimensions being included. Primary registration does not need to prepare display boards, but source document shall be provided.
4) Participants’ names and organizations in the forms of text or drawings should not be included in any of the digitaldrawings, description documents, and photos.

(b) Contents to be delivered should include:
1) Design concepts, solution rehearsal, effects realization, display of quick sellers, scenario description, display and switching. Can be presented in one PDF document.
2) Design presentation and documents for review: design presentation to be uploaded together with attachments (up to 30 pages, a ratio of 4:3 is recommended. PDF files should be uploaded as attachments, and pictures on each page shall have the format as required, with size no bigger than 10.0MB. For detailed requirements please see attachment "Designs Upload Requirement").
3) The design presentation and documents for review (contents required in item 2) should include floor plans, perspective drawings, descriptions, at least 3 design renderings, description of the detailed parts, description of design philosophy and design itself, brief description of the materials. Handmade drawings, illustrations, models and video clips can also be included.
4) Other supplementary contents allowed include: event ideas behind the design, interactive methods such as animation, video clips and models that are created with the help of new media, or artistic installations.
5) For other contents participants want to deliver, please see the detailed dimensional requirements posted on the official website (the attached "Design Upload Requirements") and further notification.

Copyright statement

Following related laws and regulations of China, and for all the voluntary participants in this contest,the sponsor will regard it as true that irrevsible statements about the ownership of the copyrights of the works submitted have been made as follows:

(a) Originality statement
All works have to be the original works of the participant’s, and no infringement of anybody else's or other organizations' patents, copyrights, trademark right, and other intellectual rights will be allowed. If anybody is found in violation of the above-mentioned, the organizer has the right to revoke his/her participation, nomination, or qualification to receive funding, withdraw any funds or materials granted, and reserves the right for further legal actions.

(b) Ownership of the intellectual property rights of the works
The copyrights of the works submitted for this contest shall remain with the authors, but the organizer has the right to use the words, drawings, illustrations of the works in its own publications, exhibitions, and promotions in other ways and forms. No third party shall transfer, copy, reprint, disseminate, excerptmand compile, publish, distribute and issue permission to use any of the works submitted without permission in advance.

(c)Statement of usage
If the organizer has the intention to settle down, manufacture, implement, modify or start construction of a proposal, it should counsel with the author and get the approval required. If expenses occur, the author and the organizor shall negotiate a solution.

(d)Statement of consent
Since online review is adopted in this contest, participants shall be regarded as expressing their consent as long as they submit their works online, that they agree their works will be displayed to everybody in an anonymous way, and accept the way to review the works by the contest. Before submitting their works, participants have already read the above-mentioned articles, fully understand them, and clearly showed their agreement that the review board has the final say about their works.

Designs Upload Requirement

In order for everybody to make full use of the AKI platform in displaying their works, here are some tips that we'd like to share with you:

1. Reviewer’s experience
The initial review in this competition will be implemented online, so please try very possible way to make it convenient for the reviewers to see your designs online. An effective method is to open your works on a mobile phone in order to see whether they can be viewed on the screen of a mobile phone easily.

2. The design of cover sheet
The uploaded cover sheet resolution shall be 960px*600px, and formats of JPG, PNG shall be supported.

3. Names of your works
Names should not be too long, and it would be appropriate within 16 characters. Otherwise it won't be easy to read. Participant’s or organization’s names or other characters that could affect the fair judgement of the reviewers shall not be included.

4. Upload of slide shows and PDF attachments
You could use this function to upload multiple design pictures, add description text to each of them, adjust the orders, and make each picture no bigger than 10M. JPG,JPEG,GIF and PNG formats are supported. You could also upload a PDF file as attachment at the same time. The file shall contain all the above-mentioned pictures, with the same formats and layouts.

5. Video clips
Mp4 video clips can be uploaded. Maximum number: 1. The size should be up to 500M.

Please submit your works as early as possible. On one hand it would allow you to have a preview of your works and optimize them as much as possible. One the other hand, last minute submission before deadline could encounter heavy traffic and possible delays or even late submission. Finally, wish you all the best, and looking forward to receiving your works.