Awards: €13,000
Submission: Today - September 10, 2017
Q&A: designerclub@dicreator.com

Competition info

The word "home" is an abstract word that could mean a lot of things. It is both a physical space where we live, and a life style which we choose to have. What kind of spaces, surroundings and life styles are the ones that are most suitable for the Chinese people? To answer it, designers are asked to make the full use of their innovative and creative ideas, in order to create the kind of home spaces that are inspiring, harmonious, and elegant.

Different from the previous home design competitions, the "Find Your Harmonious Home" competition will be based on both the comprehensive and innovative / creative features of the word "home". Natuzzi would like to see that new trends such as the growth of internet and IT, as well as the emerging sharing economy, are identified; housing challenges with the special background of China social development are addressed, via new design approaches that are able to take a bigger picture and be more people-focused. New housing concepts will be displayed from different aspects by combining the new development ideas of innovation, eco-friendliness, harmony, openess, sharing with new IT, multimedia, and internet. The "home" in those designs shall become more real and more personal, have more content, be more expressive, and ready to reachout. In one word, participants should have their own understanding of "home", and show to others these understandings via their designs.

Winners of the competition will have the opportunity to have their designs displayed in the windows of Natuzzi shops nationwide, in order to show, in a scaled-down scene, what a harmonious home could look like. Therefore, participants of the competition should think about it before they set about doing the design, what is home? What is harmony? What is a quality living environment? And how to make our city better via betting housing?

It has been Natuzzi’s tradition since long time ago that novel designs are displayed and realized via their shop windows, because Natuzzi believes that just like good shop window designs, excellent home designs can also make people stop in front of them, have them deeply touched, interact with them, resonate with them, inspire them, and have them enlightened. These are exactly what Natuzzi wants to show via the competition: good designs - with pure texture and rich feelings - could bring people closer to each other, and create a wonderful space - harmonious and co-existing.

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