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As one of the main roads in Changping city, government street carries multiple contents such as traffic, government affairs, business and school. The "passability" of the road is the issue we need to consider first. For example, the relationship between the parking area on both sides of the street and the pedestrian path, as well as the non-motor vehicle parking problem at the subway station.

The facade on both sides of the street is an important part of the street landscape, and the shop signs on both sides are also important carriers of street culture. Through the micro-renewal of the street facade, the cultural character of the city street is highlighted, and the fun of the street is active on the basis of practicality, which is also one of the topics that can be considered in this competition.

Use both sides of the street and public areas for curation, art installation creation and other content.

The small-scale transformation of street manhole covers, sign bars, flower beds and so on, the use of color, material and other changes, through the power of design to give consideration to the practicality and fun of the street.

Through curation and other forms, expand the activities of the city park, create the social field and cultural corner of the city street, stimulate the vitality of the city block, and even become the cultural tourism destination of the city.