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2019 Design competition of city affairs named “I live in HuiTian”

This event is based on the “Three years plan for optimizing Huilongguan suburb area public services and infrastructure (2018-2020)” issued by the Beijing municipal people's government. Huilongguan, as the world’s biggest urban communities has 6 types of 10 public spaces such as waste boiler room, basement, pocket parks, community residents outdoor activities center, small empty room, community sports venues. Taking these places as the task points and recruiting design solutions from the public, then the project can be implemented combined with the help of special fund “Dissolve, rectify and upgrade” of Beijing Development and Reform Commission.

The target of this competition is from “city” to “city affairs” and “design” to “social plan”. The spatial scene of social public life can be activated through the public space design, the sense of community belonging of residents can then be aroused. The person-to-person link is formed and a symbiotic relationship between people and cities is built.

Background of Area

Huitian area is east to north seven, west to Haidian District Shangzhuang Town and Dongbei Wangxiang, south to Changping District and Chaoyang District, north to Shahe Town. It has two towns and three streets. The total area is 63.16 square kilometers, including 130 Community (administrative village). The Tiantongyuan area covers an area of 27.8 square kilometers, including Tiantongyuan South and North Street and Dongxiaokou Town. The Huilongguan area is 35.36 square kilometers and now includes Huilongguan Town and Huoying Street. The administrative division adjustment is expected to divide Huilongguan Town into 3 streets of Huilongguan, Shigezhuang and Longzeyuan.

Along with the acceleration of the urbanization process, especially the rapid development of the surrounding Zhongguancun Science City and the Future Science City, the population of the area continues to gather. At present, the total population of the Huitian area is 1.089 million, among which the resident population is 832,000 and the floating population is 257,000. The number of people transferred to the central city is about 295,000. From a structural point of view, the population aged 18 to 45 in the Huilongguan area and Tiantongyuan area accounted for 70% and 65% of the total population respectively. From the academic point of view, the college education in Huilongguan and Tiantongyuan districts accounted for 65% and 57% of the total population respectively. From the employment point of view, more than 65% of the population is employed in Haidian, Xicheng and other foreign areas.

The population density has increased, and some problems have become increasingly prominent in this area: First, traffic congestion, the morning and evening peaks are more than an hour longer than the city average, and the full-day congestion time is up to 8 hours. Second, the occupation is unbalanced, and more than 80% of the resident population work in other areas such as Zhongguancun, CBD, and Wangjing. Third, there are insufficient service facilities, especially the lack of high-quality cultural, commercial, educational and training institutions that meet the needs of local residents.

In order to solve the above problems in the Huitian area, in August 2018, the Beijing Municipal Government researched and formulated the “Three-Year Action Plan for Optimizing the Public Service and Infrastructure in the Huilongguan Tiantongyuan Area (2018-2020)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”). The Plan firmly grasps the development pain points in the Huitian area, focusing on building large-scale community governance demonstrations and building a beautiful and happy new home that matches the world-class harmonious and livable capital, which can effectively enhance the people's sense of acquisition, happiness and security.

Under the guidance of the "Plan", in accordance with the requirements of the district committee and the district government, Changping District actively implemented the special action task of "resolving and rectifying and promoting". The district special office issued the "Zhangping District" on December 13, 2018. "Special Action to Further Promote the Implementation of the "Improvement" Work (Trial)", and in January 2019 issued the "Notice on the First Batch of Enhancement Projects for the 2019 Special Campaign for the Special Action for Resolving and Remediation in Changping District" . All towns (streets) and enterprises in Tiantian District collected the first batch of upgrading projects in 2019. The project focuses on the convenience of residents in the Huitian area and the construction of green parks. It focuses on key areas such as the surrounding villages along the parade village and the key villages along the urban and rural areas. . Do not pursue the large volume of the project, the large amount of funds, based on "small and convenient", highlighting "small but fine", to reflect the initiative to respond to the concerns of the masses, focusing on solving a number of problems around the masses and enabling the masses to quickly feel.

Activity process

timeline timeline

Awards and Bonus Arrangements

The total money for the event is RMB 400000.

Top of Each Task

RMB 20000 ~ RMB 50000

2 Best Potential Award

RMB 5000

2 Best Innovation Award

RMB 5000

2 Best Popularity Award

RMB 5000

10 mission points, 3 teams are elected to enter the finals at each task point and receive an incentive bonus of 2,500 yuan.

Each task is selected as the first, second, and third. The first one is selected to enter the implementation plan and receive the corresponding project bonus.

Serial number Project name Project bonus (unit: yuan)
1 Improvement Project for Huoying Street Zijin Shinkansen District 2 Resident Activity Center 35000
2 Reconstruction of the pocket park of Dongsi Community in Tiantongyuan 20000
3 Reconstruction of Xinkangyuan outdoor venue pocket park 20000
4 Reconstruction of the basement in Tiantong Xiyuan Third Community 30000
5 Tiantong Dongyuan First Community Community Pocket Park 30000
6 Reconstruction of East Asia Upland Basement 30000
7 Renovation of Longjin Second Street Pocket Park 35000
8 Reconstruction of the basement of the West Second District 30000
9 Xiaoxinzhuang Village Community Outdoor Sports Ground 50000
10 Reconstruction of abandoned boiler house in Longcheng Garden 40000

In addition, according to the highlights , innovation, practicality and online voting of the work., two "Best Potential Award", two "Best Innovation Award", two "Best Popularity Award" are set and the reward is 5000 yuan.

Among all the participating teams, the team will be selected by 30% and the “final certificate” will be issued.

Competition task

Taking the 10 renovation spaces including abandoned boiler houses, basements, community pocket parks, residential activity centers, small vacant rooms, community outdoor sports venues and corresponding space operations reported by the 5 town streets of the “Huitian” area as the task points,

The first batch


Improvement Project for Huoying Street Zijin Shinkansen District 2 Resident Activity Center

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Reconstruction of the pocket park of Dongsi Community in Tiantongyuan

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Reconstruction of Xinkangyuan outdoor venue pocket park

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The second batch


Renovation of Longjin Second Street Pocket Park

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Reconstruction of the basement of the West Second District

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Reconstruction of the basement in Tiantong Xiyuan Third Community

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Tiantong Dongyuan First Community Community Pocket Park

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Reconstruction of East Asia Upland Basement

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The third batch


Xiaoxinzhuang Village Community Outdoor Sports Ground

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Reconstruction of abandoned boiler house in Longcheng Garden

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Data download

"Live in Huitian" City Affairs Society Contest Mission Package Information(PHOTOES\CAD\GPS)


Competition rules

  • 1、If the entrants register successfully, it means they agree to abide by the competition contents and rules. The competition organizer has the final right to interpret the rules of the competition;
  • 2、No text or pattern concerning the author's name and the institution or institution in the electronic drawings shall appear. Those who do not meet the requirements will be disqualified;
  • 3、The copyrights of all winning works are owned by the organizer, and the organizer has the right to exercise other copyright rights other than the right to authorize the entry;
  • 4、The entrant shall be responsible for the originality of the work, and the arbitrator shall be responsible for the resolution of the dispute with the third party regarding the entry;
  • 5、Participants must abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.
  • 6、All the time in above documents are subject to Beijing time. The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule of the event; if there is any change, the notice will be posted on WeChat public account, small program and official website 7 days in advance.

Rules for participants submitting results

Results that must be submitted

Drawing (JPG / dwg format)

Each work has at least two vertical layouts of A0 size (2cm on each side) with a resolution of 300dpi, including: total plan, bird's eye view, enlarged view of the node, some analysis charts, design description of about 500 words (combination In the picture). Each drawing must be compressed into a miniature version, JPG format, for online review.

Text (WORD format)

This event is unified in Simplified Chinese or Chinese-English Comparison Including content operation plan, research report, economic calculation plan, etc., WORD format.

Results can be choosed to submit

In addition to the results that must be submitted, the contestants can submit results for supporting the program, such as videos and ppt files in combination with the plan. Among them, the video file size does not exceed 500M.

Please compress the results into a package and upload, which is subjectd to the last uploaded compressed package (the previously uploaded content will be overwritten).

Competition judges


Jing Quan

Dean of the First Building Research Institute of China Architecture Design and Research Group. Deputy Chief Architect, Professor-Level Senior Architect. Doctor of Urban and Rural Planning. Member of the Urban Design Expert Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Director of the Architectural Society of China Architects. Expert in the Field of Engineering Construction in the 2022 Winter Olympics. Ministry of Civil Affairs Administrative Division Adjustment Expert.


Cao Xiaoxin

Deputy Chief Architect of China Architecture Design and Research Institute. Dean of the Third Architectural Design Institute, National First-Class Certified Architect. APC Registered Architect. Professor-Level Senior Architect, Master Instructor, China Red Star Award Final Reviewer. Deputy Director of the Building Renovation and Urban Renewal Committee. Well-known Cultural and Creative exhibition Curator. She won the World Chinese Young Architect Award, China Youth Architect Award and was honored the title of 100 contemporary Chinese architects recognized by the Chinese Architectural Society


Li Xiaozhuang

Associate Researcher at the Institute of Sociology. Beijing Academy of Social Sciences. Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences. Expert in the Field of Social Structure and Urban Grassroots Social Governance. Supervisor of Beijing Luxueyi Sociology Development Foundation. Executive Director and Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Social Society. Member of the Social Construction Committee of the Chinese Society of Social Sciences, Director of the Beijing Dialectics Research Association.


Li Ding

Doctor of Sociology. Associate Professor. Researcher of China Survey and Data Center, National Institute of Development and Strategy, Renmin University of China. He is mainly engaged in the research of Urban and Rural Development, Grassroots Governance, Group Organization, Internet and Youth Development. He published many papers in such journals as China Population Science, Population Studies, Society, Open Age, and Youth Studies.


Liu Wei

Director of Urban Renewal Institute, Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Planning and Design Institute. Senior Engineer. Registered Planner. Senior Charted Architect. Expert in Beijing Urban Planning Society Urban Renewal and Planning Implementation Academic Committee. Member of the Urban Management Committee of the China Urban Science Research Association. Member of the Social Science Circle Association of Xicheng District, Beijing.


Tan Xiaoyan

Faculty of Sociology in Beijing Municipal Party School (Beijing School of Administration). Postdoctoral Fellow at Tsinghua University. The main member of the "Qinghe Experimental" Research Group of Tsinghua University. Secretary General of the "Good Community Plan" of the China Social Workers Federation.Her main research fields include social governance, community governance and community building.


Mao Mingrui

Founder and CEO of Beijing City Quadrant Technology Co., Ltd. Secretary General of Cloud Platform Innovation Center of Beijing Urban Planning and Design Institute. He has served as the Deputy Director of the Planning Information Center of the Beijing Urban Planning and Design Institute for many years and is responsible for the technical innovation and informationization of the Beijing Municipal Planning Institute.


Zang Feng

One of the Co-Founders and Host Architects of Public Buildings/Common Products. National First-Class Certified Architect. Master of Architecture, Peking University. Outstanding contribution talents in Xicheng District, Beijing.


  • Q: Any qualification for participants?

    A: No qualification requirement or age limit. All species from all universes are welcome to participate.

  • Q: Is team entry allowed? Limit on the number of team members?

    A: Team entry is allowed. No limit on the size of the team. But the amount of award is fixed for each winning entry. So optimize your own team size.

  • Q: Language requirement on the entry?

    A: Chinese and English bilingual or English only.

  • Q: What is the deadline based on? Beijing time or U.S. Eastern time?

    A: Beijing time. But we can make it EST if you REALLY want another 12 extra hours to work on it.

  • Q: Is there a cost to enter this competition?

    A: There are no registration fees. Participation is free.

Cooperation unit

Support Units

District Development and Reform Commission
Changping Park Management Committee


Youth League Committee
District Civil Affairs Bureau (District Committee Social Work Committee)


Huilongguan Town, Dongxiaokou Town
Huoying Street, Tiannan Street, Tianbei Street


Beijing Changping District Social Organization Development Service Center

Joint organizer

Beijing Changpin City Culture Development Co., Ltd.
Changping Innovation and Entrepreneur Service Providers Association


China Architecture Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Beijing City Quadrant Technology Co., Ltd.

Contest expert guidance

Huitian Social Innovation Institute expert community building laboratory

Special Support Unit

Huitian Community Public Welfare Foundation