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With the B&B investment and brand competition turn white-hot I 2017, the influential quality of bed and breakfast brands have walked out to look for a new oasis in group, South Wuxiang Mountain of Lishui Nanjing located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, has entered the vision of the B & B industry due to its good natural conditions and deep cultural heritage.

Launch of officially started
Deadline of Submission
Publicize the Result and Award Ceremony
Oct. - Nov.
Nov. - Dec.
Jan.22nd, 2018
B&B Founder + Designer

The competition encourages the B & B owners and the designer teams to form into teams, and make the directional design from one site among the villages of Xuejia, Xiaoliujiadu, Shuijing Village, Li Zaifeng, Zhujia and Dongshantou in South Wuxiang Mountain region, with the design area of not less than 1000 square meters, and they can put forward creative programs suitable for implementation in various aspects of the overall positioning, village planning, industrial ecology, public landscape and single bed and breakfast design.

Panel vote+ Public vote

The selection will be composed of two groups: the expert group for the review and the public to vote, among which the expert review and the public vote will decide 36 finalists, and the review results of the expert panel will determine the final ranking.



After the signing of the operation and investment cooperation agreement, the organizing committee will provide construction subsidies in the standard with the construction area of not more than 1000 square meters and 1500 yuan per square for the civil construction meter, 2 years of rent is free and the next 2 years of rent are in half.

* Winners choosing the implementation reward will be deemed to voluntarily give up the design subsidy bonus.

Site 1 Xuejia

Xuejia is located in Honglan Town, with a total of 65 households and a population of 193 people, and the whole village covers an area of about 80 mu. The reservoir and the green mountain behind the village joint each other, the tea fragrance from the tea garden of Lei Gong Ao and the sour and sweet tastes of the mulberry from the Fujiabian orchard make all people fascinated and reluctant to leave. On each of the first lunar month, there’ll be Avalokitesvara Temple Festival at the Lingyin Temple nearby, Xuejia at this time will be decorated with lanterns and streamers and with streams of people, and it’s the most bustling time of the year.

Site 2 Xiaoliujiadu

There’re three kilometers between Xiaoliujiadu and Jingqiao town, this village has an area of 1 square kilometers, a total of 92 households and a population 356 people. The village is adjacent to Xinqiao River, and this slowly flowing silver ribbon has made Xiaoliujiadu become the main traffic ferry here, and borne the development and exchange of villages, the shrimp and rice fields of the village are located alternatively, and diffuse the delicious smell generations of villagers are proud of, on the Lunar January 12th of each year, the temple fair of Da Village nearby will have playing and singing, drum and music, everyone are gathered in the fields to celebrate the pride and joy of harvest.

Site 3 Shuijing Village

Shuijing Village is adjacent to Shijiu Lake in the west and Yuge in the north, covering 12 natural villages, it has a total area of 12 square kilometers and a population of 5400 people. The village is rich in water resources, crab farming has become the village’s special industry, moreover, this village has a long history, there had been three brick kilns at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the early ROC period, the local people called them "crystal three kilns", all the blue bricks used for the building from the end of the Qing Dynasty on both sides of the streets were from these kilns, the antique charm is still filling the entire street. In 2017, Shuijing Village was listed as "the most beautiful rural village model in Jiangsu Province".

Site 4 Lizaifeng

Lizaifeng Village is one of the 19 natural villages under the jurisdiction of Jiutang Administrative Village, locates in the foothills of Fengguan Mountain and joins to Xiaomaoshan and Tianshengqiao villages in the south, it has an area of 18 square kilometers and a total population of 4559 people. It’s surrounded by mountains, has numerous ponds and rich space forms of mountainous and water landscapes. What’s special is the Lizaifeng lantern with more than 200 years of history, according to legend, Emperor Qianlong came to Tianshengqiao at Lishui and saw a Phoenix resting in the tree, and the village is dominated by families surnamed as Li, so it’s named as Lizaifeng Village. When Qianlong left, Lizaifeng Village has good weather for the crops and a thriving population, and at time of the Spring Festival, the villagers will organize each household to dance with the lanterns and fill the happiness from the bottom of heart among every household in the village.

Baima Duoji
Founder of Songtsam
Mr. and Mrs. Horsfield
Chairman of naked Group
Ludong Gao
Well known architect
Brian Linden
Founder of Xilinyuan
the founder of Qiansu Fund
Jim Spear & Tang Liang
Schoolhouse/Brickyard Founders
Kaistart Vice President & JieSu CEO
The submitted work should include:

1. PPT for the B & B operating ideas, with the contents relating to the B & B brand positioning, operation, marketing and other aspects.

2. 4 blocks of A1 display board design programs- single B & B and the whole village public landscape (including but not limited to the overall plan, building floor plan, indoor and outdoor renderings, elevation, profile, renderings and analysis), as well as the picture information to fully express the design concept (300dpi)

3. One PDF format design description on the A4 paper of no more than 500 words (Chinese and English versions)

4. Information about the contestants, including the name, team introduction, address, telephone or WeChat, email, working unit, recent photos and other information

Optional submitted contents:

Video (2-4 minutes): contestants can submit a short video to better present the idea of the work, including the presence of team members, and description on the design ideas of the works combined with the display board, the form is not limited, and the video format is only for MP4.

The above contents are uploaded on the official website for the online submission

Bonuses and subsidies grants

All team bonuses (including invitations and qualifiers) are distributed by the organizers directly to the winners in one time. The implementation award should be subject to the contented in the contracts signed, and gradually issued in accordance with the progress of the on-site construction, among which 50% is issued when the housing renovation is completed, and 50% is issued when the renovation and operation are completed within three months. The final interpretation right is owned to Nanjing Lishui Business Travel Group t.

Copyright Statement

Before submitting the works, participant should carefully read, fully understand and agree with the following terms. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the State, for the "contestants" or "authors" taking the initiative to submit the works, the organizer considers that they have made the following irrevocable statement of the copyright attribution of the submitted works:

Intellectual property attribution of the submitted works

The authors have the copyrights of the entries, while the contest sponsor and the title enterprises can exercise other copyright rights other than the author’s right of authorship, including but not limited to re-design, use, reproduction, production, display, publishing and publicity for the competition works free of charge. The contest sponsor and title enterprises have the right to show and promote all entries. Without authorization, any other unit and individual shall not conduct transfer, reproduction, reproduction, dissemination and excerpt of the work in any form.

Q: Any qualification for participants?

A: No qualification requirement or age limit. All species from all universes are welcome to participate.

Q: Is team entry allowed? Limit on the number of team members?

A: Team entry is allowed. No limit on the size of the team. But the amount of award is fixed for each winning entry. So optimize your own team size.

Q: Language requirement on the entry?

A: Chinese and English bilingual or English only.

Q: What is the deadline based on? Beijing time or U.S. Eastern time?

A: Beijing time. But we can make it EST if you REALLY want another 12 extra hours to work on it.

Q: Is there a cost to enter this competition?

A: There are no registration fees. Participation is free.

Q: Is the AIM contest open only to designers and B & B owners?

A: Anyone who can complete the requests, including the students, architects, designers and B & B owners can participate in the AIM Contest.

Q: Can anyone participate in the "CP pairing" link of the Contest

A: Yes, according to the submission requirements of this Contest, we recommend that everyone participated in the Contest by pairing, and everyone can participate in the pairing according to their own wishes.

Q: I am not a B & B owner, so can I participate in the contest in the identity of the B & B owner?

A: Yes, you can participate in the contest in the identity of the B & B owner as long as you understand the operation and are able to meet the submission requirements on the "B & B operation PPT" and other related operational requirements.

Q: When I participate in the contest in the identity of the B & B owner, can I still work with different designers by pairing in the "CP pairing" link repeatedly?

A: Yes, if you can.

Q: We have organized the team in private and can complete the submission requests, so can we not participate in the "CP pairing" link?

A: Yes, the "CP pairing" link is voluntary.

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