The 4th Additive Manufacturing innovation and application competition in 2021 has been held for the fourth time. The competition has been committed to bringing the value and innovation ability of 3D printing additive manufacturing into full play and expanding into practical application. Starting from the actual demand, it takes design as the guide, scientific research and technology as the core, and reserves high-end talents, To stimulate creative and effective 3D printing digital (Design + material + process) comprehensive solutions, and inject new energy into the "intelligent manufacturing" power. As the brand competition of Fengtai Park, Zhongguancun, Fengtai District, the competition reflects the advanced level of additive manufacturing in the industrial application direction. Through the competition, Fengtai District of Beijing is forming a forward position of high concentration of industry, University and Research on the deep track of additive manufacturing (3D printing). In particular, the combination with the core industries of Fengtai Science and Technology Park, such as aerospace, rail transit and biomedicine, will lead the technology level, application prospect and industrial development of 3D printing in the field of high-end manufacturing.

This competition focuses on the application of 3D printing additive manufacturing technology in aerospace, digital medical and other key fields, focusing on the new requirements and new problems in aerospace, digital medical, intelligent manufacturing and other key fields to solve the core problems by using additive manufacturing technology, as well as a series of products facing the demand or a specific application scenario, including materials, process equipment, manufacturing equipment, etc Collect, select and match the leading-edge technology solutions / products in the field of additive manufacturing, including key components of equipment, software, post-processing process, etc., as well as the leading-edge technology solutions in related fields, such as artificial intelligence, information technology, power system, new energy, new materials, etc.

The projects of this year's additive manufacturing innovation and application competition will be pushed to the "2021 Zhongguancun emerging field competition", which will be selected for the selection, demand docking and achievement promotion of the emerging field competition. The winning projects will be evaluated according to the new version of "1 + 4" policy of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and the corresponding awards and support will be obtained through the evaluation project.



Beijing Fengtai District Bureau of Science, Technology and Information
Beijing Fengtai District Association of Science and Technology
Administrative Committee of ZhongGuanCun Fengtai Science Park


Beijing Fengtai Technology Park Construction Development Co., Ltd.
Weichuang 3D printing digital innovation center of Zhongguancun Fengtai Science & Technology Park

Competition characteristics

  • 1.1 Direct pairing of key needs and cutting-edge technologies

    It directly refers to the neck project in key application fields such as aerospace, digital medical and high-end manufacturing. The 4th additive manufacturing global innovation and application competition focuses on the new requirements for using additive technology to solve core problems in key fields such as aerospace, digital medical and intelligent manufacturing, as well as a series of cutting-edge technical achievements facing the demand or a specific application scenario, including materials, process equipment, key components of equipment, software, post-processing technology, etc, to collect, select and match.

  • 1.2 Top experts

    It’s led by top experts to mine and interpret requirements, so as to better help connect requirements with technologies.

  • 1.3 Connect with overseas markets and promote international cooperation

    Through the overseas cooperation and coordination platform, it lays an important foundation for the cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises and scientific research institutes in additive manufacturing and related fields.

  • 1.4 According to ZhongGuanCun 1 + 4 policies

    With policy escort, capital assistance and service first, we will provide enterprises with in-depth services for industrial landing and the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements

Principles of competition

The purpose of the competition is to promote the cooperation between supply and demand. The authenticity and effectiveness of demand determine the success rate and quality of the later cooperation between supply and demand. So, the competition objects collection include ether (1) technical problems and difficult requirements; or (2) cutting-edge technological achievements.

Collection objects

The competition is solicited national and international wide, with unlimited scope, threshold and form. The solicitation objects are mainly enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, high-tech enterprises, etc.

Contents of competition solicitation

Key aerospace, intelligent manufacturing and other key fields put forward requirements for the scenario of adopting additive technology and solving core problems, as well as a series of cutting-edge technology achievements including materials, process equipment, key components of equipment, software, post-processing process, etc. facing the demand or a specific application scenario. Other than AM technologies, any other demand or technological achievements for new energy, information technology and security, power systems, intelligent manufacturing, etc or above technologies/solutions look for the collaborative partners are all welcome to participate.

A、Technical problems and difficult requirements. The demand unit will release the technical problems and problems encountered in scientific research and production or the relevant projects that expect external cooperation through the competition platform to find the relevant technology, products or ideas that can solve the demand, and cooperate with the supplier in some form, that is, to find the technology when there is demand.

1. Task traction. The research needs should focus on the actual needs of project research and development, tackling technical problems, technological improvement and innovation, and should have the project background, task funds and cooperation expectations.
2. Highlight the key points. The requirements of the underlying technology, component level, component level and equipment level are highly responsive, and they are mainly collected.
3. Moderate difficulty. In order to ensure that more innovation subjects respond to the demand, the proposed index requirements should not be too many or too high, and the demand index should be set around the core problems.
4. Encourage measurement. It is beneficial for the supplier and demander to carry out in-depth cooperation in the later stage to organize the measurement competition according to the demand. If the demander can provide the measurement environment and facilitate the measurement, it is encouraged to put forward the measurement requirements.

B、Cutting-edge technological achievements. The supply unit will release the existing cutting-edge technology achievements through the competition platform, look for application scenarios or seek market cooperation, and cooperate with the units that intend to apply or promote this technology in some form, that is, there is technology to find the market.

1. It has application prospect. Mature technologies or products with market-oriented and industrialization prospects are mainly collected, and other technologies or products with unclear industrialization prospects are not mainly collected.
2. No property right dispute. The promotion needs of technical achievements related to service invention need to obtain the written authorization issued by the unit; The technology, product and related patent of non service invention should have no property right dispute with anyone else.
3. Willing to cooperate. The units where the technological achievements are located agree to cooperate with external institutions in the form of R & D cooperation, technology commercialization, technology transfer, technology licensing, pricing investment, etc.
4. Good reputation. The technological achievements should rely on universities, scientific research institutes with independent legal persons, and enterprises with standardized operation, good social reputation and no bad records.

Time Table

solicitation (submit project requirements);
2021May. ~ Aug.
we will release the demand and collect the technical achievements;
2021Aug. ~ Oct.
actual measurement, competition, guidance and evaluation;
2021Nov. ~ Dec.
achievement display, finals, awards;
2022all year
Follow up industry services in 2022

Requirement submission

Firstly, it will be submitted to the organizing committee after being summarized by all units. The organizing committee will organize a demand demonstration meeting, which will be discussed and demonstrated by experts who are in relevant fields of the expert committee and experts on the demand side. After being improved and confirmed by the demand unit, it will be released to the public.

Release channel

1. Through the official website.
2. Through online and offline press release.
3. Through direct delivery to the targeted units.


1. Policy Funding support - According to the new "1 + 4" policy of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, The projects / enterprises that have won the winning award and excellent award in the special competition and meet the application conditions for the frontier projects of Zhongguancun Management Committee will be included in the green channel of Zhongguancun frontier technology project evaluation, that is, the projects / enterprises that directly enter the final evaluation link of Zhongguancun frontier technology project evaluation (the winning team must register as an enterprise in Zhongguancun demonstration area, and then participate in the final evaluation of Zhongguancun frontier technology project evaluation);

2. Facing the world's leading edge of science and technology, the country's major needs, and the main economic battlefield, we will carry out the achievement transformation and industrialization of leading-edge disruptive technologies, key core technologies, and major generic technologies for the key industries in Zhongguancun demonstration zone, and accelerate the cultivation of high-precision and cutting-edge industrial projects / enterprises with core competitiveness;

3. World class top scientific and technological talents and innovation teams have settled in Zhongguancun demonstration zone to carry out projects / enterprises of basic research, cutting-edge technology research and development, and transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements;

4. The innovation subject carries out the research and development, achievement transformation and industrialization of disruptive technology; The enterprise formulates the technical standard; Obtaining invention patent and international trademark;

5. Zhongguancun's first set of major technical equipment and first purchased products enterprises have implemented demonstration application projects in major demand and key areas related to the national economy and people's livelihood and social concerns. will provide financial support ranging from thousand Yuan to millions Yuan.
1. Docking service
Organize participating enterprises to carry out technology and market docking with aerospace, military research institutions, testing centers, industry leading enterprises, listed companies, open laboratories and other innovative subjects.
2. Financial services
(1) high quality credit services (ICBC, Zhongguancun bank, Bank of Beijing, Zhongguancun guarantee company, etc.);
(2) get the opportunity of preferential investment of government guided funds;
(3) access to investment docking opportunities of market-oriented funds.
3. Space services
enjoy relevant rent subsidies, docking services and other concessions Free lab space.
4. Expert services
all participating units can obtain online expert counseling services, and provide offline military experts docking counseling services according to the needs of participating units. Award winning units can provide docking services for well-known industry experts and well-known investors.
5. Intellectual property services
provide intellectual property risk aversion services, intellectual property layout planning services and one-to-one consulting services for participating units.
6. Talent introduction service
provide relevant services such as college recruitment, high-end talent introduction and talent training for the participating units. 7. Publicity and display services organize CCTV, people's daily, science and technology daily, Beijing TV and other central and local media to carry out publicity and report, and expand the influence of the participating units. Priority is given to free participation in the national innovation and Entrepreneurship Week exhibition, long-term exhibition in Zhongguancun Exhibition Center and other exhibitions organized by Zhongguancun Management Committee.