"Orthopedic 3D Printing Technologies and Applications” Competition Unit of “2019 Global Additive Manufacturing Application Innovation Competition”

(1) The competition proposition is released by

Chinese Society of Orthopedic Innovation and Translation (COITA)

(2) Introduction

After achieving success in 2018, the 2019 Global Additive Manufacturing Application Innovation Competition will focus on the unique advantages of 3D printing in aerospace, medicine, high-end manufacturing, cities, cultural and creative industries amongst other application fields. We regard orthopedic 3D printing technologies and applications as a key aspect. Moreover, based on the concepts of innovation, commercialization and promotion, we cooperate with the Chinese Society of Orthopedic Innovation and Translation (COITA) and aim to build an innovation and commercialization platform for orthopedic doctors. We hope to form an integrated system of research, clinical practices and products, and thus link orthopedic innovation with commercialization.

Innovations are often based on practical problems and difficulties that doctors face in clinical practices. We often combine new technologies with the doctors’ innovative ideas, and then develop the ideas from invention, patent to product. 3D printing/additive manufacturing is an important means to solve the actual problems of clinical orthopedics. Relevant applications cover R&D (medical model development and orthopedic 3D printing models), customized artificial bones, tissue/organ regeneration, 3D printed surgical guides, etc. We can regard this as a technological revolution in the field of orthopedics.

"Orthopedic 3D Printing Technologies and Applications” Competition Unit of “2019 Global Additive Manufacturing Application Innovation Competition” mainly targets doctors and enterprises by aiming to use the doctors’scientific research ideas and the enterprises’ technical breakthroughs to promote and realize the commercialization of innovation results. The specific procedure is as follows: The competition would firstly collect the clinical requirements and innovation ideas in orthopedics (need to be realized by 3D printing technology) from all COITA professional academic commission members and clinicians and then select from these requirements and innovation ideas. Then we would collect technologies/products of 3D printing solutions from 3D printing companies and medical device companies amongst others entities that are capable of conducting R&D and have relevant investment support. Or we would match doctors with enterprises who can use 3D printing technology to materialize innovative ideas to form joint R&D teams. Furthermore, they would jointly produce results of certain phases (creative technical plan, inventions and patents, papers and books, etc.). Then we will organize the presentation selection and expert evaluation events in order to assess and accredit them with honors and rewards, which will also attract public attention. Moreover, these projects will be included in the 3D Printing Digital Innovation Center of Fengtai Park, a subdivision of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. In which, they would also be provided with supporting policies, services, funding, access to laboratories for verification, etc., We would also support the projects in applying for patent registration, application for patent registration and acquire registration party certificates and even commercialize products, thereby promoting the sustainable development of the integration of industry, education and research.

3D printing application scenarios in orthopedics are becoming more diversified as medical technologies improve and demands increase, such as:

The competition encourages the participating enterprises to:

(3) Objectives of the competition

(4) Competition dates:

Registration for the competition starts on: June 10th, 2019

Deadline for submitting entries: August 30th, 2019

The preliminary evaluation: September 2019

The Second-round evaluation: October 2019

(5) Scope of the entry collection:

A. For Orthopedic doctors:

B. For enterprises:

(6) Competition process:

(7) Competition rewards process

(8) Ways to apply for the competition

1. Please visit the official website: http://2019.weichuang3d.com/gamia2019, click “Register” to begin the online registration process and submit the required materials;

2. You can also directly contact our consultants and send the registration information and materials of the entries by email to the designated contact person of the organizing committee.

Contact person:

Genie Lin: (E) songyigenie@outlook.com; (M) +86 18310791019

Fiona Tao: (E) 1051144702@qq.com; (M) +86 13611145649