日常艺术馆 —— 开放 · 艺术 · 生活


Located in outward side of East 5th Ring Road, this park is second auxiliary’s factory of original Sinopec in Douge, Chaoyang district, apart from few express ways in surrounding area, much more could be the dead-end roads with chaotic levels so that it enjoys very inconvenient transportation. The surrounding lands could be counted as common residential areas, urban villages and various factories with insufficient facilities of public services.

This park is surrounded by high walls and could be sparsely populated, rather it is filled with lots of negative factors such as town of automobile accessory, logistics park, detention house, prison and shanty town. It is very urgent to create the point which should reactivate this depressing place and improve the life quality so as to provide citizen in surrounding areas with carrier of happiness towards colorful public activities.

As one of entrance space in this area, this base is defined to be entryway towards park by us. This main part of the scheme is composed of blessing gallery, sculpture park and artistic swimming pool which are linked together by gallery road of pipeline, the parking lot is arranged in the north of this place. Finally, this scheme proves that building area and greening rate has increased by one time.

The indoor and outdoor spaces are connected by gallery roads of pipeline to create rich dimension of sightseeing.

The space of entrance aims to bring about the artistic effects of transparency, openness and gracefulness.

The buildings should be integrated with surrounding environment to create street-style indoor and outdoor space and open routine of sightseeing.

The hall of press conference is linked with sculpture park in the north publicly to offer space of public activities which could be combined, transferred and moved.

The program provides a composite space for different numbers of people. From the art appreciation of 1 people, to the dining and leisure of 5 people, and even social activities of 50 people, it can find suitable places. Through this strategy, this art museum o will become a comprehensive carrier of public activities in the region.

The happiness of art, the life of art and the happiness of life-all could be used to define the positioning of Blessing gallery in understanding of my team.

The gallery gets through, connect and implant into already-existing space to change gloomy and depressing features of industrial remains in the past so as to create brand-new felling of gracefulness and transparency. In the meanwhile, different dimensions of artworks are put into ever-changing space of exhibition, which will provide the chances for citizen to have fun with art, to explore art and to have access to art. Therefore, the gallery will turn into dynamic place to raise the sense of happiness in life.

Co-driven by business and city, art integrate with life harmoniously, only opened, art, life of the daily art museum can create a happy public space for the public.

园区的梳理从以下4个方面展开:1.打通场地内外的道路连接; 2. 增加出入口并设置停车场;3. 定位门户空间;4.改造架空管道,形成空、地两个层级的慢性步道体系。
The arrangement of this park should be carried out in the four areas as the following:1. Get through the connection of roads among this place internally and externally; 2. Increase the entrance and set up parking lot; 3. Formulate the positioning of space of the entrance; 4. Transform the overhead pipeline to form system of slow foot path from overhead to the ground.

The great efforts should be made to turn originally exquisite, quiet and isolated traditional gallery into open and inclusive daily gallery for life, that is to say, the art will be close and accessible to people easily rather than paramount and untouchable.

The great efforts are made to remain the main part of industrial plants in base and dismantle enclosure wall so as to create open space; the orientation of original overhead pipeline should be adjusted to create overhead footpath which gets through the gallery internally and externally; the great efforts should be made to change original tinge of original workshop and improve the vitality of the space by white color so as to form the brand-new and fresh atmosphere.

he buildings are composed of exhibition space needed in the gallery and activity space,in the meanwhile, it also provides the citizen’s recreation and sports with leisure place where people could conduct get-together, eat luncheon outdoors and hold concert publicly on the square, also this place is filled with stall of foods and busy pedestrian.

The gallery roads of overhead pipeline are used to connect different areas, office space should be arranged on the top of corridor so as to provide integrated effects of space for exhibition as much as possible. In the meanwhile, this scheme designs illuminating system with combination of dots and lines so as to render colorful atmosphere of life in night.

Sculpture park with cherry blossoms in full blossom provides open space with sense of art so that citizen could have rich experience of visiting, seeing and contacting with this park.

Static and dynamic exhibition patterns of artistic works offer all-dimensional channels of imbuing the arts.

The profile of the building is divided into three levels: the ground pedestrian area, the air corridor area and the top office area. Different heights of the floors are connected by the stairs or ramps. The tour path is rich and varied, which provides a different view of the art exhibits. The resulting height of the different layers can also provide more possibilities to achieve the artistic effect of walking.

The life full of art and the art full of life is the core concept of the program, so the program provides "basic necessities eat and drink" living space.

The program will introduce the sunshine, wind, trees, water and other natural elements into the room, which will blur the indoor and outdoor boundaries, increasing the opening and pleasant space experience.