Nature to future

In history, naturalism had its heyday, but soon passed into silence. With the development of the Internet, this discipline has come back to the public. Perhaps you haven’t ever heard of naturalism, but you must have seen witty answers from the Magazine of Naturalism on the homepage of microblogs. Naturalism is not limited by time or space. We ask “why” at any time and anywhere, and then go to find the answer. That’s the story we want to express. We believe that naturalism is bound to be enriched and become more interesting.

AIM Challenge


For this competition, we would like to describe it with the word “borrow” because we are to borrow nature, resources and occasions. To stand out from the rest and create a brilliant future, one must regard nature as resources and take advantage of nature in action. When we look back at what we have done, we see empowerments, including empowerments by content and space, as well as implicit and explicit empowerments.


Naturalism has always been combined with education to arouse children’s curiosity, sense of accomplishment and consciousness of responsibility by fostering their creativity, leadership and executive ability.

We sincerely invite every contestant to deeply understand Damao to discover distinctive resources and leave your passion in Damao based on the educational attribute and attractiveness of naturalism.

Competition Background

We were shocked by the density of natural resources in Damao at the moment we set foot on the land for the first time.
Together, we explored repeatedly how to make a typical Li village with a well-preserved farming civilization and Li culture known to more people.
Cultural tourism, sports, ecology, healthcare, art…we explored various IPs to see which one would “suit” the Damao Pelagic Eco-village.
But when looking back, we realized that we had ignored the best resource here—nature

So in 2019
We are attracting more excellent resources to the competition, cooperating with more outstanding design teams and singling out more creative designs with the aim of “building Damao Eco-village into a China’s first naturalism-themed tourist destination and new name card”. We aim to create an IP with Damao Eco-village at the core to excavate natural content, bring together global creative ideas and exert the power of collective creation to increase the density of talents in naturalism. We will provide basic product support for Damao and extend the support to the overall Damao project site to empower the project with collective intelligence.


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beautiful car
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Grouping and Requirements

Designed around the abundant natural resources in the Damao Pelagic Eco-village, upgraded modern consumption and contemporary people’s new needs for cultural tourism, themed by “Naturalism”, the competition consists of two parts: the naturalist content planning group and the naturalist installation design group (the overall competition is focused on naturalist content planning, so there is a difference in prizes and money awards).We also encourage the naturalist content planning group and the naturalist installation design group to form new teams, and any team that does well in both areas can win two categories of prizes!

Design a operation content suitable for the development of the Damao Pelagic Eco-village. Submit a professional naturalism content planning program. The design content includes but is not limited to naturalism education courses, naturalism-themed homestay and youth tourism, intangible cultural heritage crafts, ecology and public welfare, healthcare and leisure, outdoor exploration, etc.

Insects/birds/amphibious reptiles/wild plants/grown plants/geology/geomorphologic landscape/other animals

Design naturalist installations for an overall improvement in the Damao Pelagic Eco-village. Put forward a creative and implementable design proposal in various kinds of “naturalism-themed” business spaces (including but not limited to restaurant, homestay, experience store, classroom and other cultural tourism spaces for catering, accommodation, shopping and entertainment) as well as multi-dimensional spaces and installations including ecosystem, landscape, vision and historical context.

Contestants should go deep into the countryside and make a design on the basis of analyzing the village’s natural environment, cultural characteristics and economic conditions. Contestants should also respect the organic integration of the village with the environment, value the application of local materials and trees, and focus on expressing the traditional regional culture and characteristics of Damao.

Reservoir/paddy field/ orchard/sea of flowers/coconut forest/ lawn/stream/water channel/village


car on street

First Prize: 1 RMB100,000

Second Prize: 1 RMB60,000

Third Prize: 1 RMB30,000

Online Popularity Award: 1 RMB5,000

car on street

First Prize: 1 RMB50,000

Second Prize: 1 RMB30,000

Third Prize: 1 RMB20,000

Online Popularity Award: 1 RMB5,000

*After every naturalist content planning group wins a prize, if the team intends to settle down in Damao and introduce investment, it will be granted a subsidy of up to RMB100,000.

Method: A cash subsidy of up to RMB100,000 will be granted or ground rent/property management fees of equal value in Damao Pelagic Eco-village will be exempted.Details shall be agreed on in the contract. The Damao Pelagic Eco-village reserves all the right for the final explanation.



Xie Yan

Former Secretary of the International Society of Zoological Sciences and former Project Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) China


Zhang Dezhi

Vice Secretary-General of the China Wildlife Conservation Association, an ecological photographer and Chief Editor of Tourism Overview


Zhao Wei

founder of ideas camp education


Yang Ye

The founder of the Naturalist Discovery School


Lu Gang

Hainan Wetland Protection System propaganda and education expert at the Global Environment Facility (GEF)


Xu Zhengze

The founder of Yetravel, a well-known wildlife photographer, a member of Shanghai Photographers Association and a professional traveler


Kyle Obermann

The Champion of the 2017 Wild China Travel and Exploration Fund Competition, an environmental photographer and explorer


Gao Gao

Chief Supervisor of the Haikou Wetland Conservation Society, former Chief Editor of Tibetan Antelope Self-service Tour Brochure

Requirements for Registration and Entry Submission

Naturalist Content Planning Group:

Project content planning and operation ideas in PPT:

Submit project content planning and operation ideas in PPT, including project positioning, target users, project operation, marketing management, development strategy and project implementation plan. Naturalist curriculum planning must include but not limited to a course title, course introduction, course tools, course outline, knowledge points, course process design, courseware, multimedia application and course post-marketing (if you have).

Word introduction:
Please submit a WORD file in A4 with not more than 500 words/characters. Please also submit a copy of project and team introduction.

Work info form:
Contestant information, including name, address, phone number or WeChat, email, employer and a recent photo, etc.

Naturalist installation design group

A1 paper:

1. Submit a design drawing in at least 2 sheets of A1 paper (841mm×594mm), including but not limited to an overall floor plan, architectural plan

2. Elevation, section, rendering, analysis graph or picture data that can fully show the design concept. (There is no special requirement for drawing typesetting, which can be designed freely).

3. The scale and size shall be in metric units

4. The drawing and pictures shall be submitted in JPG, and the accuracy shall not be less than 300dpi

5. A contestant shall also submit a sketch, working photos and other materials related to design (pictures shall be in JPG and the accuracy shall not be less than 150dpi)

6. A contestant shall adopt a way of expression consistent with the content, but the form is unlimited, and the drawing scale can be set freely

Word introduction:
A design specification with not more than 500 words shall be submitted in WORD

Work info form:
Contestant (team) information, including name, address, phone number or WeChat, email, employer and a recent photo, etc.

Optional Content:

Video (2-4 minutes): in order that the design conception should be better displayed, you can submit a short video, content including an introduction to the team members and a description of the design idea based on display board content. The form is unlimited and the video shall be in MPEG, MP4 or AVI.


  • Q: Are there any special restrictions on the players involved in the design competition?

    A: Students, artists, architects, designers and any other people that can submit entries etc., are welcome to participate in the AIM competition.

  • Q: Can a team participate in the design competition? What’s the size of a team?

    A: A team can participate in the design competition. There is no limit on the size of a team. However, the prizes and rewards are set according to entries, so the team size had better not be too large.

  • Q: Are there any requirements for language used in an entry?

    A: In order that the Chinese and foreign judges should better understand your work, as well as the way you interpret and express your design idea, we require that the content should be written in Chinese and English or English alone.

  • Q: Is there a time difference in the deadline for submission?

    A: Beijing time is the only time standard for submission.

  • Q: Does it incur costs to take part in the competition?

    A: No entry fees at all.