It is estimated that many people are not familiar with the name of the silver pheasant, and it rarely appears in the public view, but it is a totem bird of the Hani nationality, which is comparable to the peacock in temperament; Not only that, it also became attached to Li Taibai, the poet of the Tang Dynasty. Li Bai once wrote a poem for it, "Give to Duke Hu of Huangshan the Silver Pheasant," in which he praised the silver pheasant's snow-white feathers with the words, "The silver pheasant is as white as brocade, and its face is as white as snow." Even snow is ashamed of itself. In the Qing Dynasty, the silver pheasant took a further position and became a special pattern for the five grade civil official uniforms.

Today, thousands of silver pheasants living in Dayuya Mountain Tourist Resort in Jiangxi Province are happily shuttling among the mountain trees here, living in harmony with tourists and people living here. As the home of "immortal birds", Dayu Ya Mountain, a fairyland like existence, is named Ya Mountain because of its Ya shape. In the more than two kilometers of terraced valley of Wolong Valley, there are more than 20 waterfalls and waterfalls. The content of negative oxygen ions is kept at tens of thousands/cubic centimeter all the year round. It is a green oxygen bar for forest healing; A tall and beautiful comprehensive cultural trail around the mountain landscape - Tianxingjian 13 kilometers across the green forest and bamboo sea; A large area forest health center, with nearly 50 health and leisure projects, including canyon spring, top medical equipment health test, traditional Chinese medicine physical therapy, tea ceremony, flower path, incense path, health and food therapy, to naturally heal the body and mind; The all terrain cross-country resort base has three ecological cross-country tour lines, namely, field cross-country tour and mountain cross-country tour, which can chase waves and streams, pass through bamboo forests, and climb mountains in the wild to fully experience the unprecedented mountain cross-country passion; The three mountain villages themed and featured ecological parks - A Duo Village, A Duo Forest, A Duo Water Village, are a paradise for people to spend their holidays and a place to savor homesickness; There are also online red card printing places - glass plank road, mountain swing, sky mirror, etc; There are also eight characteristic mountain hotels scattered from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain: there are sunrise watching, cloud field post for cross-country vacation, cloud sea watching, Jiucheng Mountain House for cultural health care, Daoyuan Academy, Dalong Mountain Ecological Hotel for health care and vacation, spring and autumn houses, and rural homestays - Rural Commercial Street, Fengye homestay street, Huahai Inn, Tea Field homestay group, RV camping, etc. With the continuous enhancement of water and soil conservation and vegetation coverage, Yashan Mountain is more youthful, vigorous, picturesque and fairy like. The silver pheasants naturally settle here and become a part of Yashan Tourist Resort.

Content of works


We expect the contestants to interpret the unique image of "silver pheasant" living in Dayuya Mountain through digital art and design, and show the relationship between natural environment and people through "silver pheasant"; Through the "Silver Pheasant", we can tap the essence and potential of Yashan Tourist Resort in the process of continuous development as a cultural and tourism destination and a practice field for rural revitalization, that is, to shape the total living environment with a high degree of integration of nature, aesthetics and humanity, so that people can constantly obtain the sublimation of their thoughts, hearts and feelings. Putting this idea into the context of the "meta universe" is actually to generate a mirror image of the real world based on digital twin technology, closely integrate the virtual world and the real world in the economic system, social system and identity system, give play to the creativity of each individual, and allow each user to produce and edit content.

The meta universe is still an evolving concept, and different participants can enrich its meaning in their own ways. We look forward to creative designers and students who will be engaged in the design industry in the future to create new images, spatial logic, application scenarios, and architecture and life philosophy in the meta universe environment.

We have prepared a "material package" for the contestants as your inspiration source. You can download the material package to enjoy the natural scenery of Yashan Mountain, as well as various facilities, landscapes and activity scenes of Yashan Tourist Resort, and feel the state of the silver pheasants living here, as if they were in the scene.

Through these materials, you can give full play to your imagination and create the works you want to express. They can be:

  • As the image of IP, silver pheasant is full of emotion and vivid in the virtual world

  • Me and the "Silver Pheasant" (it can be a real or fictional story, an interesting interactive style, etc., an interesting generation or mirror image of the real world in the digital world...)

  • Home built for "Silver Pheasant" (combining the buildings/structures of the landform and environment of Yashan Tourist Resort to build a new world in the meta universe for the silver pheasant...)

  • The space for appreciating the "Silver Pheasant" (combining the communication or immersion space of the landform and environment of Yashan Tourist Resort to endow it with social attributes and build a new world of Yashan Tourist Resort in the meta universe...)

  • Any other content defined by the contestants to interpret the Silver Pheasant, Yashan Tourist Resort, or the way of interaction with them


If you want to experience Yashan in depth to create better works, we welcome you to Yashan Tourist Resort, and we will provide you with nice guide. For details, please consult: Helen Yao, email: sloperock@163.com; Mr. Lan, mob: 13907971110



the first prize (1 person)


the second prize (2 persons)


the third prize (5 persons)


Excellence Award


The works of the top 30 were released on the domestic well-known digital collection platform
All contestants/winners can get a "Key to Yashan" to start a surprise trip to Yashan Tourist Resort, and have multiple functions and rights that can be used for collection and use. Including but not limited to the following——

2 Free accommodation in late spring and autumn
Experience the heart of Yangming
Clock in Sky Mirror
Xianyou Yunding
Walking in Wolong Valley
Tian xing jian
There are more surprises
(When using the "Key of Yashan", the user is allowed to bring a partner to use it together.)

Get support from exhibitions and other competitions at the Bay Area Metacosmic Art Festival.

Competition description


Scope of solicitation

In the name of an independent legal entity, a joint legal entity, a university, a design and research institute, or an individual, you can apply to participate.

All contestants/participating institutions submitting their works to the official website of the competition shall be deemed to have confirmed that they have complied with the following regulations and requirements of the competition, and shall bear all responsibilities for their works. If the participant violates the above terms, the organizer has the right to immediately cancel the qualification of the participant/participating organization, and take back the awards and rights that have been given to the participant/participating organization. Any legal proceedings, legal liabilities and property losses arising therefrom are not related to the organizer and shall be borne by the participant/participating organization. The organizer has the final right to interpret this competition.

1. Original statement

The entries are original works of the participants and do not infringe any patent, copyright, trademark right or other intellectual property rights of any other person; This work has not been publicly published in newspapers, magazines, websites and other media, has not applied for a patent or registered copyright, has not participated in other competitions, and has not entered commercial channels in any form.

2. Ownership of intellectual property rights of entries

The author enjoys the right of authorship of the entries in accordance with the copyright law, and other intellectual property rights belong to the organizers of the competition. The organizer has the right to display and publicize all the entries. Without authorization, no other unit or individual may transfer, copy, reprint, disseminate or extract the work in any form.



Work submission method and time

Please log on the official website of the competition https://www.aki.com.cn/baixian to register and submit your works before May 30, 2023.

Work submission requirements

(1) Registration Form

Please download and fill in on the official website.

(2) Work Scheme

  1. Four A1 size (841MM x 594MM) designs, with unlimited layout and composition. The mapping file shall be submitted in JPG format, and the accuracy shall not be less than 300dpi.

  2. Video: In order to better present the idea of the work, this competition needs to submit a short video to introduce the design concept and scheme in the form of video. MP4 is the best video format.

  3. Participants can submit design instructions, creation sketches, work photos and other creation process materials at the same time (optional, the pictures are in JPG format, and the accuracy is not less than 150dpi).

  4. The STL format is the best 3D model file, which is used to dynamically display interaction effects and virtual scene interaction.

  5. All kinds of contestants are not limited to areas, platforms, styles, creation time, role elements and scene design. They can be independent digital art works created on PCs, mobile phones or tablets.

Review rules